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Interview with Young Filmmaker Ezgi Ay

ebe-midwife-short-film-2 Ebe (The Midwife)

This blog is dedicated to storytelling and stories from a broad perspective. Considering filmmaking as a way of storytelling with hundreds of forms within, we will often cover topics on filmmaking and films. Here we go!

Not long ago, I attended a screening of a short movie called "Ebe" (The Midwife) and now I have got the opportunity to interview with its writer and director who is Ezgi Ay, a young filmmaker from Istanbul. Enjoy the reading and don't hesitate to join the conversation below in comment section!

Could you tell us your story as a young filmmaker; your story about how you started this journey and where you are going currently?

The Midwife began with my mom telling a group of friends, one of her experience when she was a midwife herself. The anecdote was quite shocking to say the least; a woman giving birth to a non-human looking baby... I had been writing short scripts at that point, trying to find one that I would be motivated enough to shoot it. After my mom told that story of an unusual baby, The Midwife as a story clicked on my mind immediately.

I used two of my mother's anecdote which are the first and the last birth scenes in the film, but overall intend to create a story of a female friendship that would born out of a unlikely situation and the solidarity they would show towards each other in order to protect a woman and her reputation.

Generally speaking, making short movies is considered as a way to making feature film, a sort of phase for training and gaining recognition. What is your motivation in short film, specifically your motivation in making your first short movie The Midwife?

Wanting to shoot a short film for me was indeed about my feature film script that I had written before that. Although after shooting a short, I can tell a short is a different kind of animal than a feature yet still it can be seen as a prep, way to practice your storytelling, and it's in a way. But because the kind of stories and the storytelling is and have to be different than a feature considering the duration of the format and its limits that come along with it, I can't help but think that this "training" is somewhat for a different purpose than the needs of a feature film. Will see, I guess :)

What would be your best advice for new or wannabe filmmakers who would like to make a career in this field?

I think one of the most difficult balance to keep is asking for feedback from people as much as possible and still keeping yourself in check with what you want to achieve as a filmmaker without ignoring those opinions or destroying your self-confidence along the way. Having an inner compass that can navigate you through fear of failure, losing confidence in yourself or let's say your inflated ego in order to come up with whatever will be best for your film is a one tricky test which I have not yet mastered at. One thing I remind myself is, you've got to start somewhere and if you hadn't fallen on your ass, you would've never walked.

What projects you are currently working on?

I have another short project that I'm working on revising the script. I'm currently writing couple of feature film scripts which are in different phases; one is very close to finish, the other is only beginning. I might consider giving those to a director rather than shooting myself.

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us.

Ezgi Ay

She graduated from Bogazici University with a philosophy degree. Along with years of experience in Bogazici's theatre ensemble, she took various roles working short/feature films both on and off camera. Midwife is her first short film.

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