Zafer currently lives in Istanbul, pursuing happiness and joy in various fields like dance, music, yoga, writing, reading, storytelling, and communicating with good people.

He is on Instagram as @zaferyilmaznet

Interview with Young Filmmaker Ezgi Ay

ebe-midwife-short-film-2 Ebe (The Midwife)

This blog is dedicated to storytelling and stories from a broad perspective. Considering filmmaking as a way of storytelling with hundreds of forms within, we will often cover topics on filmmaking and films. Here we go!

Not long ago, I attended a screening of a short movie called "Ebe" (The Midwife) and now I have got the opportunity to interview with its writer and director who is Ezgi Ay, a young filmmaker from Istanbul. Enjoy the reading and don't hesitate to join the conversation below in comment section!
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An Interview with Yoga Instructor Deniz Tosun

deniz-tosun-yoga-instructor- Deniz Tosun

Yoga seems to me an ocean that make me feel to sail. An ocean with hidden treasures. But I also feel that this journey requires a devotion, without it yoga will not reveal its treasures. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Deniz Tosun, a yoga instructor who made the journey. We chatted sometimes on yoga and its aspects when we gathered for our occasional yoga class. It looked like a good idea to share her opinions publicly. So, here is the interview and happy reading! If you would like to follow her, she is on Instagram as @deniz_yoga
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